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Introduce your Root to your child.

World's First Personalized Bangla Curriculum

We have a dynamic curriculum that accommodates personalized learning paths according to your expectations as well as your child’s unique learning preferences.

One to One Learning

We are all aware of the dearth of general education classes. Your youngster will receive undivided attention! Amar Vasha sessions are one-to-one and highly personalized to the learner’s unique needs and interests.

Bangla Cultural Activities

As hundreds of Bangladeshi Americans have joined with us, you can also be a part of that beautiful family and feel the warmth of your country during memorable days in Bangladesh by participating in different cultural activities online!

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The Best Bangla Learning Experience Ever

"I’m getting a one-to-one service within a beautifully structured routine and pattern. As a parent, I find this feature to be an excellent one"
Nadia Afrin
Neiloy’s Mother

Start Now Until it's too Late

Parents Still Love Bengali

Living outside of our country doesn’t mean I forgot my root. I can feel the warmth of my country when I teach, speak, and sing in Bangla with my son and daughter. And I bet every parent will feel the same. That’s what our parents think!

Neiloy Can Count 1-20 in Bangla Now!

Niloy can now count in Bangla! In tinkers AmarVasha childreen are re-discovering the fun of learning Bangla

Ammu Ke Bhalobashi

This is Sofia. She lives in McAllen, Texas, with her parents. She created a card for her mother and wrote a message in Bangla in the Card – “Ammu Ke Bhalobasi”.

We Let Kids Be Their Self

Every child is unique. The way they think is unique. Their creativity is unique. We just ask them to do things, and they do it their way!

Peer Learning is Fun too!

Peer learning provides the space to learn with collaboration and fun. The learning rate is achived much higher in peer learning classes. Our peer classes are very much fun and attractive too.

This is How They Tribute!

Children leanring Bangla in Tinkers AmarVasha from the USA sing a tribute to the Language Heroes.

A Tour Inside Amar Vasha

Have a look into Tinkers AmarVasha classroom and find the source of fun!

Frequently asked questions

The joy of Bangla learning is our first focus while teaching the child. We do not even “teach” in the first 5-6 classes. We try to build a relationship of trust and joy between the teacher and child during the first few classes. We try to understand the child first, try to identify his/her favorite things, try to identify his/her unique challenges in learning Bangla. We follow a child-centric approach while teaching. We try to empower the child through playful learning. We send regular feedback emails to the parent and have a parent meeting after every 4 classes. In the parent meeting, we ask the parent for brutal feedback on how we can improve this service.

We record each class and collect data about your child from you for developing the class experience of your child. This data is stored in a safe place and used only for the development of the user experience of the service. No data will ever be shared with any other organization. We have a very strict privacy policy that each team member of Amar Vasha has to comply with. You can find the privacy policy on our website.

Most of our teachers are university students from prominent universities in Bangladesh. Here in Bangladesh, there are no formal certification courses for teaching Bangla online. So, we developed our own training module to groom the teachers. Every teacher goes through a tough selection process and then through rigorous training. We prioritize teachers who really love children and have prior experience of interaction with children in their personal lives too. Each class record is analyzed by the feedback team to help improve the teacher’s performance after each class.

There are 4 language skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. We divide each skill into 10 skill levels. So, Listening has 10 levels, Reading has 10 levels, and so on. Each skill level requires 12 classes. Some children can pass a skill level with even fewer classes and some children may require more. We take a child-centric approach. If a child needs more time to complete a lesson and acquiring a specific language skill, we give him/her more time. If a child completes multiple lessons in a day, we speed up the pace and help him/her pass the skill level quickly. We have complete lesson plans and learning outcomes for each class of each level. Our content team prepares personalized class content for your child according to his/her unique taste

Bangla is the 7th most spoken language in the world. However, the reason your child should learn Bangla does not come from the economy, business, or market demand, it comes from the heart. We care about the peace of heart you will feel when you see your child speaking Bangla with grandparents, relatives, and with you! Bangla is the only language people sacrificed their lives for. Being a Bengali is a matter of pride. Learning Bangla is more about heart, more about connecting to the roots, and less about the market demand.

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